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Budget Truck Rental

Budget® Truck Rental provides moving truck rentals from our facility. Truck rentals are available for local use or a one-way trip, for a single day or longer periods, we have what you need at affordable prices! Truck sizes include 10′, 16′ and 24′, plus we have tow dollies, auto transport trailers, moving pads, hand trucks and more. Call us today at 321-726-0129 or contact us to learn what we can do for you!

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How much does it cost to rent a Budget truck?
Rentals depend on many factors, including whether the rental is local or one-way, the day of the week, weekends, holidays, etc. Basically, a one-way rental is charged a flat rate and local rentals are charged a daily rate plus mileage. All rentals are subject to a daily Cost Recovery Fee, Energy Recovery Fee, and Florida state sales tax. Please contact AAA Malabar Storage for more information.
Is a deposit required?
On all local rentals, and most one-way rentals, a deposit will be required. The amount depends on the length of the rental, number of miles driven, and other factors. The deposit may be waived only on one-way rentals paid for entirely with a credit card.
Did I pay the deposit when I made my reservation?
When you make a “confirmed” reservation (meaning you are confirming your intent to rent the truck), your credit card is simply authorized to ensure it is a good card and has sufficient funds available to cover a deposit. No hold or charge is actually made to the card at this time. When you pick up the truck we are required to physically “swipe” the card to process the deposit. At this time, a hold in the amount of the deposit is placed on your credit card. Upon return of the truck, the hold is released and a charge for the actual amount of the rental is made (this process takes 3-5 business days to finalize.)
Is fuel included in the cost of the truck rental?
No. The trucks are completely full of fuel at the start of your rental, and must be returned completely full. Trucks returned less than full of fuel are subject to a $30 refueling fee, plus the cost of fuel. Remember that the fuel tank must be filled completely, not just to the point where the pump clicks off the first time. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the proper fuel is used (i.e., gas in gas trucks, diesel in diesel trucks.) Neither Budget® Truck Rental nor AAA Malabar Storage will be responsible for improper fueling.
Will my car insurance policy cover a Budget rental truck?
Most car insurance policies do not cover rental trucks (a commercial vehicle with 6 wheels, and over 10,000 lbs. GVW.) Please verify coverage with your insurance company prior to renting a truck. Budget® Truck Rental offers several options to insure your truck for damage, liability, contents and mishaps. Please contact us for more information. Under no circumstances will Budget® Truck Rental or AAA Malabar Storage be held liable for lack of insurance coverage.
How old do I have to be to rent a Budget truck?
Budget trucks may be rented in Florida by licensed drivers age 18 and older. Renters between the ages of 18-23 will be assessed a Youthful Driver Surcharge of $25 per day. This fee is mandatory and cannot be waived. We apologize for any inconvenience.
I have a reservation under another name, can you change it to my name?
When making a reservation for a Budget® Truck Rental, the name in which the reservation is made is the person automatically considered the primary driver of the vehicle. That person must be physically present at the time of rental with a valid driver’s license issued by a U.S. state or Canadian province. Additional drivers may be added for a fee and must also be present at time of rental with a valid driver’s license. To protect against fraud, it is against Budget policy to change reservations into a different name. AAA Malabar Storage cannot and will not violate this policy. We will be happy to make a new reservation for you; however, we cannot guarantee the same rates, and the original reservation may be subject to cancellation fees. We recommend the reservation be made in the name of the person who will be the primary driver of the vehicle.
I just made a reservation on the Budget website. Why don’t you have a truck?
The Budget website simply makes the reservation. It does not check for available inventory at our location. Also, we may not receive the reservation for up to several hours after it has been made. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance, and you should call ahead to ensure equipment availability.
I made a reservation well in advance. Why is the truck I wanted not available?
In most cases we have the truck and accessories you reserved available on your specified date and time. However, circumstances beyond our control do occasionally arise. In every case we do our best to provide you with equivalent or upgraded equipment, or in extreme situations we may refer you to another nearby Budget dealer who can fulfill your reservation. Keep in mind that the last weekend of the month and holiday periods usually places the heaviest demands on our inventory, and a shortage of trucks and equipment may occur during those times. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I have to postpone/cancel my reservation. Will I be charged a fee?
Budget® Truck Rental requires a minimum 48 hours’ notice if you need to make any changes or cancel your reservation. Please call us as soon as possible to make any changes. If you do not cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up date, you will be charged a $50 No Show Fee.
Am I required to stop at weigh stations?
All rental trucks are required by law to stop at all open weigh stations for reasons of national security. Not doing so is a violation of the rental agreement and may also result in being ticketed, detained or subjected to more serious consequences. Additionally, all rented trucks are required to stop at all Florida Agricultural Inspection Stations, as well as any other inspection or port-of-entry stations which may be required by other states. Neither Budget® Truck Rental nor AAA Malabar Storage is responsible for failure to comply. Thank you for your cooperation.
Can I rent a truck for commercial use?
Yes, absolutely! Budget® Truck Rental has special rates for commercial customers. If you want to use our trucks on a regular or semi-regular basis, please contact Budget® Truck Rental Commercial Accounts department at 1-888-633-3875 to set up an account and inquire about rates.
Budget Truck Rental
Budget Truck Rental
Budget Truck Rental
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